The healthcare industry is continually growing and evolving. MBA with specialization in Healthcare Management is designed to provide professionals with specialized business training in healthcare management, health services, clinical information systems management, global healthcare management, and health services administration.

MBA Healthcare management is getting very popular as there is a wide gap between supply and demand for trained healthcare managers/administrators to work for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance and other healthcare providing organizations.

Healthcare Management requires dynamic, young, creative and highly qualified managers and administrators for efficient management of Hospitals and Healthcare organizations by applying modern management techniques.

Health Care majors draw on a rich variety of elective courses like Hospital Operations Management , Public Health system and health insurance, International Health Management and Hospital Architecture and Design which will provide knowledge, vocabulary and advanced skills, concerning all areas of the healthcare delivery system to make administrators proficient, under any situation and to inculcate creativity in them.

After completion of the course, the students will gain theoretical background of those academic disciplines which are related to the field of management in general and those specific to hospitals and Healthcare organizations and acquire necessary knowledge and skills with practical orientation and help formulate strategies for more efficient management of super-specialty hospitals, specially in highly competitive corporate and private sectors.


  • Hospital Operations Management
  • Hospital Architecture Planning and Design
  • Public Health System and Health Insurance
  • International Health Management