The Marketing specialization allows students to gain an understanding of how marketing relates to all the other functions of a business and how to integrate marketing into everything the business does. The Marketing papers aims to promote a comprehensive understanding of the role of marketing management in consumer, industrial markets and service industries in addition to developing problem-solving and decision-making capabilities in these fields. The purpose of this is to develop a critical and analytical approach to marketing managers tasks within the context of the organization as a whole. Beyond the first-core marketing management class as part of general MBA program, specialization students are required to take integrated marketing communication, Consumer behaviour, Services Marketing, Export management, Rural Marketing,Brand Management, Distribution Managemnt, and Retail Management.

Students interested in the marketing specialization should be curious about why customers buy what they do and how product development, branding, pricing, and other elements of the marketing mix affect consumer choices.After completing the MBA program Marketing students are expected to develop knowledge, understanding, and cognitive, intellectual, practical and transferable marketing skills.


  • Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion Management)
  • Export Management
  • Consumer Behaviours
  • Rural Marketing
  • Service Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Retail Management