This specalization combines the core ingredients of a high quality, long established MBA programme with selected subjects from visual communication,Public Relations ,Media Management , to understand the management challenges of the media world. The course aims to equip students for a management career in the media or other creative industries.

There is a great need for enhanced specialist skills for effective media managers as today’s media industries change at unprecedented speed and digital technologies facilitate the growth of global markets in content. This course provides graduates with a solid background in business management theory and practice, and also specialised media knowledge and skills to excel and adapt in the exciting field of media management.

Students will study core papers of business management, supplemented by a range of electives like Mass Communication, Advertising Management, Public Relations Principles and Management and Media Management & Ethics. After completing the MBA program Media Management students will gain the knowledge and skills required for working in this new and dynamic field.


  • Mass communication
  • Advertising Management
  • Media Laws and Ethics
  • Effective Public Relations and Media Strategy