Until a few years ago, logistics was rarely discussed in large corporations. Today however, effective logistics and supply chain management has gained immense prominence in corporate boardrooms

In today’s complex world, getting products and services to the right places, at the right time is a key determinant of organizational competitiveness. Companies depend heavily on effective and efficient logistics and supply chain processes to make their products and services available to customers.

This unique sector-specific management education programme,focuses on the needs of the Shipping and logistics Industry . The MBA programme is designed to equip students with adequate skills and knowledge in all the areas of general management and with sectoral specialisation in shipping and logistics management

This specialisation covers a wide spectrum of topics including Logistics Management, Export Import Trade and Documentation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and International Logistics and Shipping Management.

After completing the MBA program Shipping and Logistics students will gain complete knowledge of the Logistics and Shipping Domain. They will also be wellversed in the documentation procedures followed by customs department in India. The skills gained will enable them to work in any part of the Shipping and Logistics Industry


  • Logistics Management
  • Export-Import Trade and Documentation
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • International Logistics & Shipping Management