The MBA Systems specialization is a specialization for students with professional degree in systems; it combines management skills with the study of information systems analysis and design. The program is designed to develop the student’s ability to formulate and implement management information systems that will promote the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization. Emphasis is placed upon the theory of information systems analysis ; the modeling of the effective information systems, Software Project Management and E-commerce.

Students who complete this degree are qualified for positions such as Systems Analysts, Supervisors of computer and data processing centers, and Managers of information centers.

Program content balances theory with applications through case studies and projects that emphasize the effectiveness of organizational information systems in achieving the objectives for which the systems are designed. Factors such as the organizational structure and information requirements are studied within the context of ethical, economic, and socio-technical factors that affect the design of systems.This curriculum allows students to explore both technical and managerial issues on these topics under the guidance of our faculty members who are experts in data and information management.


  • Electronic Commerce
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Software Project Management
  • E- Marketing