Remembering the wings of fire

Remembrance Day of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

It was a proud moment for GIM family to pay tribute on the remembrance day of one of the most renowned and honoured person “Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam”. The program was well organised at GIM Campus. The Programme started at 03.15 pm and the entire GIM family including the head of the Institution Dr. Thomas T. Thomas, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff members and the budding executives paid homage for their people’s President.
The Programme was initiated with lightening at the lamp by the Director and the Faculty members also joined him. The lighted candles were passed by the VISION members to each students and every one rose up for a silent prayer.

Mr. Kirandas of II MBA welcomed the gathering. The Director Dr. Thomas T. Thomas shared “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalams” life script by leaving a note on his thoughts. Then the entire GIM family paid floral tributes to the great leader.

Mr. Rahul R of II MBA gave a brief description about the “Life Journey of Dr. APJAbdul Kalam” and inspirational videos which were related to Dr. Kalam where presented along with it.

After the presentation Mr. Biju S, of II MBA mentioned about “Dr. Kalam as President” where he pointed out how Dr. Kalam spend his life as our President of the nation.

Mr. Vishnuprasad of II MBA delivered a speech on “Kalam as Scientist”, where he pointed out the achievements and how Dr. Kalam became “The Missile Man of India”.

Mr. Nikhil V, of II MBA pointed out “Kalam as simple man”. He pointed out Dr. Kalam as a common man amongst us.

An Oath taking ceremony took place which was done by Mr. Ribin baby. He read the Oath and the crowd repeated it whole heartedly.

An inspiring speech was delivered by Mr. Sanjay kumar of II MBA on experience and thoughts about “Dr. Kalam”.

Mr. Varun Nair of II MBA proposed “Vote of thanks”.

The gathering rose up for the National Anthem and the programme came to an end.