MBA Admission 2023-2025

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Management Consultancy

GIM has set up a Research and Consultancy Services Division to help companies and institutions to improve or transform themselves. This involve identification and cross-fertilization of best practices, analytical techniques, change management coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development or even the simple advantage of an outsider’s perspective. The division bring formal frameworks or methodologies to identify problems and suggest more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks. The management consulting assignments bring resources and / or expertise which the company’s internal management team may not have in order to create real changes in the way the company runs its business. The driving force in the Research and Consultancy Division is the team of Faculty members and other professionals having experience and expertise in diverse fields and the supporting infrastructure available in the institute. We have remained contemporary by associating ourselves with other bodies and other institutes functioning in similar areas. The division regularly organises Executive Development Programs in the Industrial and at other centres.

Our Services

We offer professional and result oriented research and consultancy services in the following areas.


Social Research: Evaluation of development programmes, Impact studies.

Marketing and Distribution Research: Assessment of Market potential, Market Share analysis, Sales Analysis, Distribution Channel Studies

Product Research: Pre-launch Market Assessment, New Product Acceptance and Potential, Brand awareness, Competitive Product studies, Motivation Research.

Advertising Research: Media Research, Study of Advertisement effectiveness, Copy of Research, Packaging Research.

Industrial Research: Feasibility Study, Short/Long Term Forecasting.