MBA Admission 2023-2025

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GIM Alumni

Life has no limitations, except that you make – Check out our global student community. They are leaders now. You can be one too!

The GIM Alumni Association (Ex-Us) was founded in 2001 and ever since the members have been meeting regularly on an annual basis The first Alumni Convention was held on 2nd March 2002. Every year the Alumni Convention is conducted at the GIM Campus.

Our “Brand Ambassadors”

“I owe my success to GIM. It’s there that I was groomed for the position I hold now.”

Mr. Nidhin Krishna
2003-’05 Batch
Corporate Trainer & HR Consultant
TalentUs HR Solutions

“The ambiance, the facilities and the vibrant day schedule at GIM are tailor made to bring out the best in me.”

Mr. Sreenath B. Varrier
2005-’07 Batch
Kotak Securities

“The course modules and the learning opportunities at GIM meet international expectations”

Lt.Col. P. Hari Narayanan
2004-’06 Batch

“All my success is because of GIM. I’m extremely delighted as GIM is growing year after year”

Logesh Kumar.S
2006-’08 Batch
Public Relations Officer
Surya Engineering College, Erode

“GIM is the Institute which is specially made for MBA’s and it provides new horizons for learning”

Yogita Singh Rajwat
2003-’05 Batch
Udaipur, Rajasthan

“The co-operation among the students and teachers along with good guiding principles and management make GIM outstanding”

Sneha Alex Thalody
2008-’10 Batch
South Indian Bank

“A dedicated Faculty team, innovativeness and continuous monitoring makes GIM unique”

Vicky Nair
2009-’11 Batch
Marketing Executive
Nestle India Ltd

“GIM was an excellent platform that helped launch me on this glorious career”

2009-’11 Batch
Flight Lieutenant
Indian Air Force

“The best part of our life is during college days. It’s during that time we will understand what we really want in our life and how can we reach there. So our college plays a major role in it. We do a lot a research before joining higher studies. I am proud to say that I got the golden opportunity to study in one of the best B- School. I would like to split my life as before and after my MBA graduation. It’s because those two years really transformed me holistically. Every student will be having their own experiences at college both good and bad. My U G degree is in physics and it was completely my choice to do MBA hence initially I had lots of confusions regarding the institutions. But fortunately my choice was the best none other than GIM. A shift from science to Management studies created a threat in me in coping up with new subjects. The blessing I had is the excellent faculty team at GIM. With pride I owe my success to my teachers at GIM. The most terrifying subject was accountancy, but the intensive coaching exposed me to gain confidence to specialize in Financial management. The first year was more of new things and as a naïve starter I found everything amazing. During the second semester GIM is too busy with intercollegiate and intra collegiate meets. I year was meant for learning and enjoyed a lot. The interesting fact is that academics will not be affected; exams and classes will proceed as per schedule. All the programs at GIM are organized and co-ordinated by the students. Management students will always hear the words like teamwork, leadership, benchmark, etc., all the time. It was our great opportunity to experience the real meaning of these words through responsibilities and GIM gave us the real platform. When I started going for management meets in other colleges I came to understand the quality of training provided by GIM in order to prepare us corporate ready grooming our competent skills. From my experience I would like to say during college days we start thinking about our future. Be on the lookout for role models. Maybe a certain professor is especially inspiring. Perhaps your college has some ground-breaking research going on. Be sensitive to your own gravity. If some area of study attracts you, we probe to know more about it. It might be the beginning of your self-definition process. Going to college is as much about realizing self along with getting the degree. I was not trained by my professors to score high in academics instead they gave me space to think and explore in my area. GIM provides an excellent podium to learn through experiences, learn through our mistakes and learn through exploring new paths. Success will definitely follow.”

Sruthy R
2014-2016 Batch