Guruvayurappan Institute of Management conducts annually two seasons of exciting educational lecture opportunities led by the Faculty members of the Institute, who present lectures based on current innovations in their chosen areas of specialization. These well-researched lectures include recent publications, white papers and innovations which are currently discussed by the industry. By contributing to the overall mission of the Institute, the GIM Lecture Series provides a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge and insights from some of the best practices followed in the industry.  In addition, it also provides unique opportunities for student interaction, faculty discourse and debate about the issues affecting the business world.
When encountering new ideas and points of view, students are encouraged to use these opportunities to develop their abilities to reason clearly, communicate and interact respectfully, explore critically and creatively, and act responsibly. The aim of the Lecture Series is to foster personal and professional leadership skills among all students at Guruvayurappan Institute of Management.



The First Seminar: Air Cargo Operations                                          

Prof. Rajkumar Narayanan
15th July 2017  
2. The Second Seminar: NPCI e Payment SystemProf. Ramya M S25th July 2017
3. The Third Seminar: Time: Manage it or Lose it
Prof. Krishnan Unni Nair15th Sept 2017 
 4.The Fourth Seminar: Derivatives ManagementProf. J Meena Maheswari 31st Jan 2018


1.The First Seminar: Selling SociallyProf. Sam Naveen A19th July 2016
2.The Second Seminar: Big Data in Business Research                         Prof. Dr. N.C. Balakrishnan4th August 2016 


1.The First Seminar: “Big Data and Analytics”Prof. C. Ashokan31st August 2014
2.The Second Seminar: "An introduction to IoT"Prof. Sam Naveen     11th September 2014
3.The Third Seminar:  "Modern Trends in Manufacturing”Prof. Harish U. C.16th September 2014
4.The Fourth Seminar:  "Game Theory vs. Winning Strategy"                        Dr. S. Sujatha23rd September 2014


1.The First Seminar:  “Private Label Brands – The future of Retail”Prof. N. R. Narayanan 17th July 2013
2.The Second Seminar:  “Traditional Retailing to E-tailing : The Evolution”Prof. Vinod Urath20th July 2013
3.The Third Seminar: “Finance for Non – Finance Managers”Prof. B. Shanthamani2nd August 2013
4.The Fourth Seminar:  “Tax Planning for Salaried individuals”Prof. C. Murugesan6th August 2013.
5.The Fifth Seminar: “Multivariate Data Analysis”Prof. C. Ashokan12th August 2013
6.The Sixth Seminar: “Cloud Computing”Prof. S. T. Nambi22nd August 2013